Thursday, September 30, 2010

Automn Harvest Team sale

I am ready for the annual Alberta Team Autumn Harvest Sale!

I will be offering 15%off on everything in my shop (except chains and sale items; refund by paypal or convo me for a custom order); From October 1st to October 7th 2010.
Plus a surprise to come during the sale....
Start your Christmas shopping and check all the amazing shop in this team:

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wildlife spirit...card

One of my other pleasure is doing paper craft creations;
I love clear stamps and fall in love with this one!
The forest and wildlife animals is a magic place for me;
I wanted to make a card that would stick out its beauty.

I stamped and white embossed the image, then sprayed some vintage inks on it and create this beautiful card:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Give them a second life!

With the new decoupage technique I will show you how to give a second life to your old objects!...

I am sure you'll find some old things that you don't want anymore because you don't like them anymore but why don't give them a second life!...

I found this little terra cotta pot in my basement, all dusty and not very appealing :

Terra cotta is my favorite surface so it was not hard for me to think of a new decoration for it!...

What you have to do:
- First, clean and sand your object
- Then paint the surface in white that you will decoupage on and eventually use another color around;
Here I painted in pure bronze the inside of it :
- Then cut your paper to fit the area where you will glue it;
I prefer very thin paper (like paper napkins,rice paper...) because it gives a smoother finish:

- When your paint is all dry and your paper is ready; glue them gently and add another layer of glue (I use modpodge) on top:

I also used a little plastic pot to help it to dry without gluing it on my table!
Let it dry...
At this point I have a little secret to give you!: If you have wrinkles or bubbles you can iron your project on low temperature that you will protect with a parchment paper... and it's magic no more wrinkles, you'll get a very smooth surface, ready to varnish :

I like to put 2 to 3 layers of varnish to a better protection and better finish.

and voila!:

My new fall decoration!...

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Artist Feature

Last Sunday, my son received a fabulous gift from JulieChristie;

I would like to Thanks her again and I'll be glad that you'll visit her shop; You will discover such wonderful pieces...

Here is what my son wrote about his marble!:

Marbles – you may think these are children's toys but JulieChristie turns them into wonderful decorative pieces of art.
The Vortex Marble is especially beautiful with a cool blue theme great for relaxing, and once you peer into the centre of the marble it's like looking out into space at another galaxy, with a wonderful sense of depth, it's very easy to get lost in it's beauty. On the flip side are swirling blues playing off each other in a harmonious fashion which is reminiscent of the wild and strange oceans.
The Vortex Marble is fantastic because it offers the sights and mysteries of Space Above, and the Oceans Below, and it will always be right where you choose to put it.
Thank you Julie ;)

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