Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Healing stone and wire wrap pendant

Today I had some emotional issue to deal with; my heart felt heavy and struggled with emotions...
Luckily I was tune with my higher consciousness and I was guided to find the stone that will help me.
I found my Aventurine stone, wash it and place it under the sun for few minutes.

Unfortunately, I hadn't any locket or pocket to wear it but my creative sense was here and helped me too!

I look on YouTube for some video tutorials for basic information and inspiration
(I thank here all the people who posted them!)

Then I grabbed my tools, twist, and curl and I listened to my feelings...

After all, you can do everything!

I am pretty satisfied for my 1st wire wrap!:

Now I can wear my aventurine and let the magic of the stone happen!

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Juicing for life!

Today I want to share with you something that changed my way to see food and the food industry!: Juicing!
It started with a change in my diet; for few months now I only eat raw food : Fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds;
My health, life, weight and everything around feels so clear and I am started to feel FREE!
Free of this Food industry!
I've been juicing for more than 2 weeks now and it's all I need! : The nutrients of the fruits and veggies!...
You might think I am a bit crazy and it's sounds boring! But it's all because we have been conditioned to think like that to eat their junk food that manipulate our health and help finance the pharmaceutic industry!
I highly recommend you to read this book (That I am reading right now) : Slim for Life from Jason vale
This NOT a book on another diet to loose weight!
This is a book explaining the trick of the drug foods!

It's summer and easy to do it!
A juicer is a little investment for your health!

If you think there is nothing creative in this, you miss it!
Combining fruits and veggies to create a new tasty juice is very creative!

Juicing Can change your life!

This is the REAL Food that you are meant to eat...

or drink!

if you prefer to hear it with a little entertainment, watch this!:
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