Thursday, December 13, 2012

Decoupage a glass plate Tutorial

After few request here is a Tutorial on how I decoupage my glass plates:

You will need: 
a glass plate
a pretty paper napkin 
Foam brush
and white silk or rice paper
some varnish

Start by peeling of the two white layer or your napkins 
and cut the part that you want to apply on the plate

Apply a layer of modpodge on your clean plate (at the back)

Gently glue the paper napkin face on the glass
and add another layer of modpodge

Let dry

Cut the extra paper around

and apply the silk paper with more modpodge!

Smooth the surface with your finger 

add more modpodge!

When it's dry repeat the cutting edge all around.

To remove some wrinkles you can iron the plate with a low iron 
and a parchment paper on top to protect it.
To finish it apply few layers of varnish at the back

I hope you enjoyed!
and that will inspire you to make a nice Santa plate too!
(Or any other design!)

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Gift box Tutorial

This Holiday Season is a great Season with a wonderful spirit of giving, Joy, happiness and more.
Making gift is so exciting and I think a pretty package is important too!
There is many way to make pretty packages:
From wrapping paper to kraft paper.
Today I am sharing with you a cute box for your little present (for jewelry, magnets, small accessories and more!).
I found a kraft paper box in my daughter's room and I decided to gave it a make over!

You can find kraft paper box in any craft shop...

Here is a quick video for you:

Try our video maker at Animoto.

and the details below!:

Grab your supplies:
Kraft paper box, scrapbook paper, ribbon, lace, flower,paper leaves, 
snowflake punch, white cabochon

Cute the papers the size of your box

and modpodge it

Add another layer of modpodge and let it dry

Decorate it with your treasures!...

Add ribbon, lace, flowers, cabochon, glitter....

and you have a pretty box for your precious little gift!

I hope it has inspire you!
Please show us YOUR gift box!

Friday, November 16, 2012


To help each other to get handmade gifts, stocking stuffers and more I have opened a self serve BNR

There is a minimum purchase of $4.50 (after coupon, Before shipping)

Here is today's board:

and here is the coupon list:

JulieChristie - BNS10 for 10%off

CKDesigns - CKD10 for 10% off

Windinhishare - JOY for 15%off 

Yarisi & Co. - FREE SHIPPING for USA

IsabelsVintage - COUPON10 FOR 10% off

DonkeyFarm - DONKEYFORCHRISTMAS for 15% off

ShawnelizaCreations - HOLLY for 10% off.

Grammatoom - GRAMMT15 for 15% off

Greenlioness - COUPON20 for 20% off

RoxeMarie - FALL10 for 10%off

ChiGallery - BNR10Percent for 10% off

plantldy53 - DISCOUNT20 for 20%off


EscapeFromReality - HOLIDAYESCAPE for 15% off

whole shop is ☆ ON SALE AT ETSY! 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Getting Crafty!

Perfect day to get Crafty in Alberta!
The Craft show season is open and I have my 1st one this Saturday, so it make me crafty!
I was missing it a bit!
Here are some of the items that I did this week for my 1st Market of the season:

More little Birdhouses with washi tape
If you missed the 30sec video tutorial, check it HERE

Set of 4 Greetings mini cards in red and green

A large wooden snowflake, decorated differently on each side to match your decor!
and glittered.

More Cards with birds...

and some cute tags!

I hope you'd like this sneak peek and if you are in Calgary on Saturday, check where I will be on my website

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Quick and cheap Luggage tags

I am ready for our trip and I am crafty till the last minute!!
I decided to make some quick, easy and cheap luggage tags...

Once I bought instant self-laminating name tags (in a dollar store) and I thought they would be perfect to make some luggage tags;
I wanted them pretty simple! so I printed my name address and my destination for the back of the tag and simply laminated them in this transparent self laminating card.
Then I punch a hole and added an eyelet to make it sturdy and safe.
I always keep little strings and wire...this one came from a pair of shoes!!
I love to recycle and re-use!

I also found great other printable and ideas to make yourself some fantastic luggage tags, check them out!:

FREE printables

and you can also make luggage tags with duck tape!:

The ideas are infinite; get creative!...

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Washi tape Birdhouse

What about a little DIY tutorial with washi tape; Easy,quick and so pretty!

Grab a little birdhouse (wood, craft paper will work)
some white paint
Your favorite washi tapes
small scissors
and modpodge for the finish (optional)

and in less than an hour, get ready to make a precious little decoration!

watch the 30 sec video!:


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