Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Love handmade Beauty products!

Etsy bring me the opportunity to discover handmade beauty products and I love it!
I am not a crazy consumer of beauty product but I enjoy some soap, lotion and more.

It first started when I was looking for a natural remedy for my rosacea; I found this cream and decided to give it a try!
First I was a bit surprised by the smell; I get use to it!
I love the freshness of it each morning and my skin is softer;
It doesn't make my rosacea disappear but it helps a lot.
You can find this and many more beauty products at Picnicbasketcrafts

Then few month later (playing in BNRs!) and trading, I discovered some nice soaps and checked if they had my favorite: Lilac...and Lavender.

I bought this cute little Lavender basket :

and found a soft lotion for my dry skin:

Now I feel that I have a little SPA at home!!

There is a very large choice on Etsy and I am sure they are all better than industrial products.
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