Friday, March 30, 2012

Make over!

When I cook, I have my favorite tools... and one of them broke few month ago after serving me for 2 decades! But I loved it so much that I didn't want to through it away! I decided to give it a make over!

Here it is :

Old and broken!

I grab some polymer clay, my pasta machine and made a new handle!...

 First I cut the nails that was holding the left over handle!

 Then I worked half a Fimo block plus some brown left over to give it a bit of color
 I rolled and twisted...
 Measured the length I need with the old handle
and at the same time gave it a flat surface on each side
 and cut...
 Then I made on opening
 and insert the metal part.
 Now working on the side to smooth the cut.

And baked it in the oven (230F) for 30 to 45min

Once it cool down I found something to make it stand and varnished it!

And I am pretty happy of my make over!!
Love my new peeler!

 Not too bad for someone who is not an expert in polymer clay!!...

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WordArt Greeting Card

I had the idea to create a Birthday card for my daughter's 16th Birthday with words of things that she likes and I found this awesome site where you can create fantastic cloud word art.
Once you create your word art, print it, glue it on a folded cardstock and cut around the shape (keeping a fold at the left or top)

and I came up with that!:

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Butterflies Collection

This is a project I had on my to do list since last year!... It's a fun and easy project that takes your punches to another level!


Here is what you'll need:

- a shadow box (I found mine at a dollar store!)
- some sans paper
- paint
- assorted paper
- butterfly punch
- glue dot
- double side tape
- varnish
- ink

Hope you'll enjoy the step by step Video:

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Recycle and decorate!

I was looking for a container to hold my handful of copic markers and I found this empty cacao powder  container that I had put aside for an upcoming project!
It's an easy and quick tutorial; Perfect to recycle and re-use container around you!

All you need is:
- A container
- Some paper
- Modpodge
- Paintbrush
- Brayer (optional)
- Scissor
- Tape measure 

Once you found you perfect container, measure it to prepare your paper.

I colored some mandalas and thought it would be great on my container.
I found a light paper to coordinate...

Modpodge your container...

and glue your pre-cut paper all around

Apply your brayer to smooth the surface or do it with your fingers.

Now I glue my mandalas on top and ...that's it!

You can protect your container with a transparent adhesive if you wish.

Now I have a beautiful Mandala container to hold my copics and I can choose the color I want to see and change it when I want!!...
Recycle, Re-use and decorate your container for a colorful and pretty decor!...

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Savory crepes

Here is how I make my quick savory crepes ...
(I don't want to make some advertisement for Tupperware but it's an old Tupperware recipe that my mother teaches me!).
I hope you have one of those shaker!
Here is what you need:
- a tupperware shaker
- 250ml to 300ml of milk (1 cup)
- buckeat flour (about 1/3 of a real cup)
- wholewheat flour (about 1/4 of a real cup)
- 1 egg
- a pinch of salt
- ingredients you want to make your crepes with, here I used lean turkey slice and Swiss cheese.

I measure my flour in the top of the shaker!
2/3 buckwheat - 1/3 wholewheat.

transfer on top of the milk.

 add the egg and pierce the yolk.

put the secret accessory!

 close the shaker firmly ...

and shake it up and down!

For cooking you need a crepes pan that you will oil lightly.
heat the pan on high...
 when it's hot pour a thin layer of the preparation; lower the heat on medium (to 8)
let cook..
 and flip it!

then garnish it
and fold it...

 and serve!
 Lightly re-oil your pan between each crepes.
 It makes 5 to 6 crepes...
Bon appetit!

For sugary crepes, use white/whole wheat flour.

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