Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Something different!

While I am still waiting for my decoupage and scrapbooking supplies I had to keep my hands busy!
As my daughter started to knit, it motivate me to crochet again (I did a little baby set 21 years ago!)...
So, I bought some crochets and yarn, watch some tutorial to refresh my memory and here we go!
I did 2 little cardigan with my personal touch, a little hat and some booties for the baby to come...

Here is a cute Cardigan with a little hat and booties:

Here is the video that help me for the cardigan:

Here is the video that help me for the booties (then follow part 2,3 and 4):

I don't remember where I got the pattern for the hat but you can easily find free one on the web.

And here is another cute one:

Here is the video tutorial:

I Thank you everyone for the great video tutorial...

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