Sunday, January 20, 2013

Go Green!

In one of my blog I wrote about doing something to help to protect our planet...
and I want to promote here some shops that I like for their handmade products...

If you have a shop with Beauty and Home products, feel free to add it to the list!:

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ipad sleeve Tutorial

I took a break in my cleaning, sorting out stuff to create a little something for me but I thought of sharing it with you!
It has been a long time since I sewed, and since I received an ipad for Christmas I thought of doing a cozy sleeve for when I will travel with it!
I had this pretty fabric that I have saved preciously and I finally found a perfect project for it!
Sewing was the very first creative thing I've learned; I took one year in a school in Paris as I wanted to became a stylist but I changed my mind and took another career!...
I used to make my own clothes...

So anyway... here is my pretty Ipad sleeve!

and a little tutorial for you; actually 2 ways of doing it!

Option 1:

- Cut your fabric and fleece in the size of your ipad + 1.5cm for the sewing
- Sew the printed fabric and the sleeve face to face
- Flip it over
- Sew the inside border
- Fold the fabric face to face and sew the 2 sides
leaving the flap.
- Then turn it over.

Here is a little video that can help:

Option 2:

- Cut your fabric and fleece in the size of your ipad + 1.5cm for the sewing
- Sew the flap (fabric face to face) and flip it over
- Sew the inside border
- place the sleeve printed fabric on printed fabric and sew the borders
- Flip it over and iron if needed!

Video #2:

Here are the measurements I used for
The ipad without cover: 50.5cm  (54cm for the printed fabric) X 26cm
The Ipad with cover : 56.5cm (60cm for the printed fabric) X 30cm

I hope it will help you to make your very own Ipad sleeve ;)

I appreciate your comments...

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