Tuesday, April 20, 2010

NEW - Treasury East -

Treasury East Beta is live!
No more waiting for the opening !
(Well, for some it was fun !; but you can still wait for the others to open!)...
You can create your own treasury whenever you want and even have 4 more spaces (16 items instead of 12).

Click here to access the Teast

On the right click on "+ New Treasury";

Then copy and paste the URL of each item (Not the ID !), click enter after each link and click the save button.
If the images doesn't appear, put your cursor a the beginning of the link with the left arrow.

At any moment you can edit your treasury;
You need to go in 'Your treasuries' (on the main page : 1st link); click ob the title of your treasury and then on the left on 'edit my treasury'.

You can also delete your treasury with the curator tools on the left column.

You can create as many treasury as you want...

Wondering if you are in a Teast ? here is a cool tool: http://www.craftopolis.com/#com=tt enter your shop name.

Here is my first Teast : Bloom from Alberta

and I am in this two :
- Georgous Yellow by appleblossom21

- Spring (to me) by

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