Thursday, February 17, 2011


Last Sunday I did a craft fair and wanted to get those little matchbook notepads for my customers for a free little gift!...(They loved it!).

I found this great shop on Etsy with lots of handmade goodies : Annie42 ARCreations ;
Paper crafts and more; I could have done some myself but it saved me some time and I loved how the staple doesn't show on the one she made.
I just added a little sticker with my banner and etsy shop address and voila some pretty eye candy!:


  1. Thank you Sabine, you are so sweet!!! It is my honor to be included in your blog, Yay!!!

    You have a special spot in my shop, so welcome back any time it will be a delight!!!

    for AR Creations :)

  2. how sweet :) just came across your blog! love it girl!

  3. Super Idea! I will have to check this out!


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