Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kitchen counter top new look!

In you are interested to see some of our renovations; Here is the story of our kitchen counter top!:
As we learned that the kitchen is the central point of the house, we've decided to bring some upgrades to the kitchen : New appliances (I know stainless steel are more appealing but we like white!)...
But the most impressive upgrade is the counter top...

You can see the before and after pictures...
and think this is a pretty expensive marble top now!...
But here is the real thing and story:
Once we had a sad laminated counter top,
I came across a product in a Home improvement/tools shop,
we made some online research about it and decided that it was something we wanted to give it a try!
The product we used was Giani counter top granite Sicilian sand kit 

After a good cleaning and protection of the parts that we don't want to paint,
we applied the 1st step (black paint):

The day after is where the fun start!
You really need to get your creative mood out!
as you will play with 3 different color of paint.

Once you've finished painting, you can draw some veins to make it even more realistic.
Check the video to get the idea
After that, 2 layers of varnish, few days of cure and Voila!

We are pretty happy with the result for $100!

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  1. That looks so nice, Squirrel - I'm impressed!

  2. Impressive! The countertops turned out great!

  3. That is super COOL!!!!!!


  4. Moving into an apt.next week. Cant wait to try the gray kit, super excited an nervous as h**l. Yours looks fantastic!


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