Friday, October 19, 2012

Quick and cheap Luggage tags

I am ready for our trip and I am crafty till the last minute!!
I decided to make some quick, easy and cheap luggage tags...

Once I bought instant self-laminating name tags (in a dollar store) and I thought they would be perfect to make some luggage tags;
I wanted them pretty simple! so I printed my name address and my destination for the back of the tag and simply laminated them in this transparent self laminating card.
Then I punch a hole and added an eyelet to make it sturdy and safe.
I always keep little strings and wire...this one came from a pair of shoes!!
I love to recycle and re-use!

I also found great other printable and ideas to make yourself some fantastic luggage tags, check them out!:

FREE printables

and you can also make luggage tags with duck tape!:

The ideas are infinite; get creative!...

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