Friday, December 7, 2012

Gift box Tutorial

This Holiday Season is a great Season with a wonderful spirit of giving, Joy, happiness and more.
Making gift is so exciting and I think a pretty package is important too!
There is many way to make pretty packages:
From wrapping paper to kraft paper.
Today I am sharing with you a cute box for your little present (for jewelry, magnets, small accessories and more!).
I found a kraft paper box in my daughter's room and I decided to gave it a make over!

You can find kraft paper box in any craft shop...

Here is a quick video for you:

Try our video maker at Animoto.

and the details below!:

Grab your supplies:
Kraft paper box, scrapbook paper, ribbon, lace, flower,paper leaves, 
snowflake punch, white cabochon

Cute the papers the size of your box

and modpodge it

Add another layer of modpodge and let it dry

Decorate it with your treasures!...

Add ribbon, lace, flowers, cabochon, glitter....

and you have a pretty box for your precious little gift!

I hope it has inspire you!
Please show us YOUR gift box!


  1. Dissapointed I thouhgt I was going to see you make a box not just cover it.

    1. I am sorry about that! Do you have another title to suggest?
      I am sure you can find pattern of this box on internet!


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