Friday, July 17, 2009

Etsy seller Tools

For my follow friday I thought about sharing these nice tools for Esty seller;
Most of you will know them but I hope to share them with new Etsy sellers :

- Craftopolis will show you if you are actually in treasury; gives a clock treasury where you know when the treasury will open; tells you if you are in any gift guide and an other new tools that tells you how many hearts you win each days (+ advertisement).

Craftcult it's all about hearts : Who hearts your shop ; who hearts and who many hearts you get by items and features tells you if you are featured in any front page, storque or gift guides.

Etsywiki You always wanted to know what those acronyms stand for ? Pif, ACEO, BFSC ect... this is a place to go and everything you'll know !

Yaami tools to promote, advertise and more ; my favorite is the little heart gadget (look on the right side of my site)

- Socialmention tells you who is talking about you ; who blogged you ...

- Etsy fee calculator all is in the title !...

if you have any more suggestion site, please leave them in the comments...

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