Friday, March 9, 2012

Love Birds

During a visit at Michaels, these little birdies called me!
They are like paper macher (craft paper) bird shape; and there is also butterflies and fruits.
I immediately imagine them with some music scores on them!
I was too impatient to start my project and forgot to take a picture of the supplies!
So, you'll need:
- some paper macher shape
- white and black acrylic paint
- modpodge
- paper napkin with music score or old music sheet
- foam paintbrush
- varnish
- embellishments

First paint your bird (or other shape) with one or 2 layers of white paint

 While the paint dry, tear some pieces of your paper
When the paint is dry, start to glue your pieces on the bird

Cover the whole bird with your paper...

 Add a layer of modpodge and let it dry.

When it's dry apply some black paint on the beak and the wing
 let it dry

Here is a detail of the painting

Apply one or 2 layers of varnish

Grab some embellishments and have fun!

 Here I've added a black ribbon around their neck, a white feather cut in half , a little rose
and some black half pearl on the eyes


 and a silver pearl on the ribbon

 They will make a lovely decoration for a wedding or a romantic living room!

Hope you've enjoyed!

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  1. Syb/Squirrel - you are so talented! These are adorable!

  2. These are awesome Squirrel! Great Tutorial!

  3. Thanks Ladies! Glad you like them ;) and I hope it will inspire you!

  4. Very creative!! How do you come up with all these cool ideas. Thanks for all the great tutorials.

  5. another great tutorial - I am so in awe of what you are doing
    thanks, Joan Hahn

  6. Totally Cool Syb/Squirrel!!!! Giving me some ideas!~!!

    From Oh Edith AKA Susan


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