Friday, April 20, 2012

Altered/ Modpodge Clipboard

One more thing that was on my creative to do list!
Decorate my clipboard!
Today I took the time to make it!

I choose one of my favorite scrapbook paper and I decided to decorate both side.

Here are the supplies needed:
- A Clipboard
- Modpodge
- Foam brush
- Scrapbook paper
- Brayer (optional)
- Paint
- varnish
- Ribbons (optional)

 1st Paint the borders of your clipboard

 if you want to decorate the back too, then paint it!
 If you don't want to varnish your scrapbook paper, I would recommend to varnish your paint at this step.

I cut my paper a little smaller than the clipboard, take some measurement to cut around the hardware,
Then I cut the corners to make them round and
ink all around.

Modpodge your clipboard
 Do both sides if you wish.

and glue the paper,
Then if you have a brayer, roll it! or you can do it with a bone folder to take off any bubbles.

You can varnish it if you like
(I applied a layer of sprayed varnish)
 (this is the back side!)

and you can also add some ribbons to the hardware
(I like mine like that!)...

Way better than a sad brown clipboard! 

I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Greatt idea, very creative!

  2. Nice Squirrel - very pretty!

  3. Looks great! =)
    I like that you did the back too!

  4. very very nice - you are so clever and talented - I am still working on my covered pringle cans, inspired by an earlier tutorial of yours....and also the ric rac flowers....thanks teach

    Joan Hahn


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