Monday, April 23, 2012

Blog BNS #4

This week is from April 23th to April 29th.

Here is how it works
It's OPEN to anyone who have an a shop online (Etsy, Artfire, Bonanza etc...)
You can shop any item in any shops feature below.
(Min $5 after coupon Before shipping - if you buy for $10 you'll get 2 weeks feature - for $16 = 3 weeks feature - for $20 = 4 weeks feature...)
Once you've made your purchase add your purchase link (For Etsy purchase,You need to have the word 'purchase' in the link) in the comment, add your shop link and a way to contact you.

Starting next week, I will certainly do a Monthly BNS as we all spend less time online during spring and summer...Stay tune!

Here are the shops feature this week:

Coupon: BNRBNS10 for 10% off

Coupon: HM010 for 10% off

Coupon : Springpromo for 10%off

Coupon: WELCOME for 15% off.

Coupon: BNRBNS for 10% off

Coupon: BNS10 for 10% off

Coupon: FBFAN20 for 20% off

Coupon: FUNDAY20 for 20% off

Coupon: 20BNS for 20% off

This BNS is closed... please come in the following BNS


  1. Hi this is Oh Edith!!! :0 Off vacation and back at work :( Darn! Looks great Syb!!! Hopefully I can play soon :)

  2. Purchased from PIECEFULDESIGN for $6.00 b4 shipping

    Barbara Fisher

  3. How's it going? I will send invites. See you later! :)

  4. Hiya Squirrel!
    deb/MollieBrown thanking you & catwands for your invites!

    hoping for funds to play soon:o)

  5. Very nice collection of shops Syb.

    Thanks for the invite Catwands.

  6. Thanks for coming Deb and CK!

  7. deb/MollieBrown saying thanks to Squirrel & Joan for
    keeping me in your loop♥

  8. Apr 24 2012, 11:38 AM
    TheWickedShop: Purchased from Pieceful 30.00

  9. Thanks sabine! I'm excited to be here! I'm still recovering! Did too much yesterday! and I'm super sore! ...lov'n the weather though!!

  10. Hey! Hey! Thank you for your invite back Squirrel!
    and Jude!

    Happy WED "hump day" everyone!!!

  11. Hi everyone. Thanks for the invite Squirrel.

  12. Hi Squirrel, Thanks for the Tophatter info! I'll check things out! Sounds exciting, different, and intriguing!

  13. Hiya Squirrel! Just wanted to Thank you for the TH info too!

    Good Luck!!!


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