Monday, March 7, 2011

Do you know the foam board quilt?

This is a cool way to use your scrap of fabric without sewing!
It's an easy technique that gives a unique wall decor.

Grab your supplies:
- Assorted fabrics
- Polyester or cotton stuffing
- Scissors
- foam board
- a drawing of your choice (could be from a coloring book!)
- a hard tool to push the fabric in the foam board (a metallic nail file)
- an exacto knife or cutter
- Some glue (if needed)
- Markers (if needed)

1) Transfer your drawing onto the foam board: you can carbon paper it or just glue the paper on the board
2) Choose the fabric you want to use
3) Cut along the drawing piece by piece.
4) Gently push the fabric (that you have cut at the right size) in the foam board with your hard tool.
5) Before pushing the last piece of fabric, insert some stuffing materiel to give a little volume to each part.
6) Finish your quilt by drawing the details or even glued some embellishments and frame it.

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You can do it with your quilt design!

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