Thursday, March 10, 2011

Handmade Mini envelopes

I am participating in a scrapbook swap; we have to make some vintage inchies (square art); 3 per person, so I had to make 27 of them and send them to the hostess.
As I didn't want to sent them just in a little plastic bag, I searched for a little envelop tutorial and I found this great video:

I decided to make them with a kind of a vellum paper that I had in stock; They call it translucent alabaster paper.

Also to glue the sides I used a special vellum tape.

Then to get them closed I found some little silhouette seals (that I had save from a stamp sheet I bought last year or may be before that!)...

So now the hostess can just add the envelop without having to sort everything for everyone!...

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  1. Those are really cute. Thanks so much for your comment - here's a dumb question - what's a brayer? You said to use a brayer to get out the bubbles. Thanks in advance for the answer.

  2. Hey Judy,
    Thanks for your visit ;)
    Here is a picture of what is a brayer:

  3. Very cute! They look great. Thanks for linking up.


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